Meet Our Team

Our team of specialists is focused on creating high quality, wearable work that is also aesthetically pleasing and represents your unique story! 

Rickson Sharkey: Owner, Designer, Illustrator, Wax Carver, Customer relations


I am the owner and creator of Rickson Jewelry and manage our team of specialists, while working directly with you our client, and designing your one of a kind dream designs! I'm a custom design specialist and I have my Masters in Silversmithing and Jewelry Design from The Birmingham School of Jewelry in the UK and my work has been sold and exhibited all over the world, including Schmuck and Talente in Europe and featured in numerous Lark Books. I am educated in all stages of jewelry creation including casting, stone setting and polishing, which enables me to design the most beautiful, functional and comfortable jewelry! As my business has grown I've built a team of specialists so I can focus on the stages of creation I am most talented at, which is designing, drawing, and wax carving. Working with my extensive team of specialists enables Rickson Jewelry to create the most challenging of designs from start to finish! 

Helen Arion 3D CAD Specialist


Helen Arion is our 3D CAD specialist for technically demanding designs because of her extensive experience as both a graphic designer, CAD specialist and jeweler. She has a deep understanding of technical aspects to ensure pieces are not just beautiful but also strong and long lasting. She is able to balance the aesthetic wishes of you our clients, and Rickson our Master designer to create truly stunning 3D CAD designs we then turn into beautiful heirlooms. Helen is well known in the industry as a leader and innovator. She combines her mastery of jewelry CAD software with her background as a graphic designer with her great attention to detail to create unparalleled 3D CAD designs for Rickson Jewelry's most demanding custom designs. 

Helen has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in graphic design and advertising. She has instructed students since 2002 and taught at George Brown College (Toronto, Canada), where she specialized in both the basic and advanced courses in jewelry CAD software. Helen now devotes herself fully to her design artistry.

Gwen Park 3D CAD Specialist

Gwen is a fine jewelry designer and CAD programmer and is one of my favorite designers to work with because of her determination to get designs just right.  She Graduated the Jewellery Art 3 years program at George Brown College and has 17 years of experience. Born in Seoul Korea both of her parents were greatly involved in the fashion district in Seoul for over 30 years and this greatly influenced Gwen's creativity. She has a great attention to detail and a love for creative designs. When I want something really unconventional I contact Gwen!

Peter and Ardo Tellien Polishing and Stone Setting


Brothers Peter and Ardo Tellien are 3rd Generation Armenian Jewelers from Europe. Peter is a Goldsmith with over 40 years experience and Ardo specializes in Diamond setting and polishing with over 30 years experience. They are my go-to guys for all things polishing, setting, antique repair, and technically challenging jewelry adventures!

Specialists Skills & Services 

Creative, unique jewelry is ALL about specialists! We don't try to do it all as a small studio, but instead collaborate with countless other small studios to give you the best of the best, so every single element of your piece gets the attention and detail it deserves! We offer custom designs in ANY material and technique, so you can be confident your request will get the utmost level of experience and expertise from start to finish.

Casting       3D CAD Printing        Titanium          Scrollwork       Watch Repair      Engraving  Stone Cutting     Antique Hair Setting   Plating    Wood     Silicone Gemologists     Lab Grown Diamonds      Moissanites      Appraisals

We look forward to working with you and our team of specialists to create the jewelry of your dreams, that speaks to your heart and tells your unique story.