Hello! My name is Rickson and I'm the creator of Rickson Jewelry. I am a full time artist and mother to four amazing kids, and my husband is a full time dad! I work from my home studio in the small town of Harriston, Ontario, Canada. I have my Masters in Jewelry and my work has been sold and exhibited all over the world. 

I fell in love with jewelry through my Grandmother when I was a child. I loved trying on her jewelry and listening to her stories about which trip she got them on, and what special event they signified, birthdays, anniversaries, births and deaths.

Every piece was a gift from my Grandfather, who got great pleasure from showing his love by giving her jewelry. As a professional jeweler, I have a passion for connecting people through jewelry, telling their stories, and marking the passage of time with tokens of love. 

Our family lives in a century home in the small town of Harriston where I enjoy my home studio, and collaborating with our extensive team of specialists that enable me to take on the most exciting custom designs. 

Learn more about me and the Rickson Studio (video duration: 25min.)

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