'I'm half living my life between reality and fantasy at all times' Lady Gaga

Greetings! I'm Rickson, a Master Jeweler creating high end fantasy jewelry.

For extra, (yet far from ordinary) collectors like yourself.

Who seek to take the magic from their lives and capture it in a ring.

A bridge between Fantasy and Reality

People tell you fantasy is a way to escape reality, right? Wanh-wanh Wrong! You know as well as I do that Fantasy is about EXPLORING reality in a new way and by doing so, making the mundane, more magical! Fantasy creates the threads that enable us to connect to ourselves and our people. I don’t see why we can’t live our lives like a fantasy! Why can’t we burst into song? Have rainbow hair, and wear dragons on our fingers? I have a secret for you…we can! ;)

Why High Quality?

My Grandma was a great collector of memories and love, and she kept them very safely stored in her jewelry.

She showed me the power jewelry has to connect us to our humanity and our loved ones. Every piece was given to her as a gift from my Grandad (think their love language was gifts? ;)

Unfortunately, love cannot seal reality in a protective bubble. And so I watched as many of her precious costume jewelry treasures disintegrated, much like her body, around her beautiful soul. Which is why I make pieces meant to last while being enjoyed everyday. Because when something means so much to us, we want to hold onto it as long as possible, and pass it down to our descendants, so after our soul has moved on, our love remains.

Shining light in the dark

I don't shy away from the tough moments. In the words of Brene Brown, we need to sit with our dark moments. As a jeweler I don't just celebrate weddings, and graduations with my clients, I also mourn their losses with them. I create memorial pieces when clients are in need and it's a great honor to sit with them in their dark moments, help them process their emotions, mostly by simply listening and validating their experience.

I drew this when I watched my Grandma in the hospital holding my Grandad's hand. This is what I visualized and so I drew it. I still tear up looking at it. I never did bring myself to make it into sculpture. I think it helped me process the grief and fear I was feeling. Bringing our pain out into the world shines light on it, and by doing, so lessons the pain of processing it alone.

Crafting your new Best Friend

We all want that bestie, the one that cheers us on and is genuinely interested in what's going on in our inner lives. Well when I sit down to create your ring, I'm crafting your new best friend.

So I don't just stick her on your ring! I invite your dragon to climb onto your ring, she naturally curls her tail around the band for balance. I ask her to hold up your stone, and she does so with joy, because she wants to be your friend. Following you on your many journey's, by your side, watching your life unfold like a game.

Hi! It's me! After 20 years of business, 4 kids, marrying my soul mate, a pandemic, having my DND ring go viral on tiktok with ensuing burn out, FINALLY starting therapy (victory to the Goddess!) and not 1 but 2 spiritual awakenings (the first one didn't take 😜) I'm older, wiser, and actually much more young at heart, while maturing emotionally like a fine wine (which I do not partake in lol), learning boundaries and figuring out which parts of my life to nurture and which to release! I love deep meaningful connection, my love language is quality time and deep conversations, I'm a textbook Virgo, Manifesting Generator, the cycle breaking, gentle parent to 4 spectacular souls and a recovering people pleaser. perfectionist with grand aspirations to share love and heal the world with peace. 😘

Considering your own Heart Quest experience? Apply today to work with myself and my coven of wizards.

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