Custom designs

AKA Your Heart Quest Adventure!

When you feel like pulling your hair out with frustration cause you can't find that perfect piece, you may be in need of a custom design! Or as I like to call them Heart Quest Adventures! (you KNOW I never miss an opportunity for extra flare!)

Join me on your Heart Quest adventure as we travel through 3 realms to discover the secret ring hidden in your heart!

Make a wish, Wave your wand & Click here to see Magic appear

Drawing REALM

Together we conjure, visualize, and explore the many symbols, metals, gems and meanings to be poured into your unique magic potion of ideas. Once they're all mixed together in a design drawing that speaks to your heart, we venture onto the next realm...


Wave your magic wand and tap your dream designs to see them lift off the page and assimilate into 3 dimensional CAD designs, and occasionally, hand carved wax models. Once you're eyes and heart are speaking the same language, we venture into our last and final realm...

Creation GALAXY

Bring your dream into the realm of reality. My extensive coven of masters in their crafts work together in harmony to bring your piece to life. One thing we all have in common: we love our craft and we care about the long life your piece will have with you and your descendants.

Reviews REALM

Reviews are not a required realm on your journey of discovery, yet of course, my tribe lives for a 5 star review! Thank you to everyone who likes, shares, subscribes and cheers me on my journey to finding my highest path of serving my community through fine jewelry creation. Come say hello on social: @RicksonJewelry.

Brooke and Ben's Review

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Get a Glimpse of the heartfelt relationships I've enjoyed over the years through heart led, custom Jewelry design

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Choose Your Silver Heart Quest

Silver custom designs are ideal if you love an antique finish (black in the grooves) and are looking for our most Modest Heart Quest experience. Gemstones and diamonds are additional. We will connect to discuss any additional costs and proceed when you are ready.

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Choose Your Gold Heart Quest

Gold Custom designs are available in white, yellow or rose gold in all karats. Ideal if you are looking for a wedding, engagement or special piece to be worn daily with a future as an heirloom treasure. Gemstones and diamonds are additional. We will connect to discuss any additional costs and proceed when you are ready.

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Apply to embark on your own Heart Quest! I'd love to connect to discuss your secret design waiting in your heart. ❤

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