Love Life Coaching

When I FINALLY sought out therapy in my 37th year of life, I quickly realized I had a LOT of cleaning up to do in my life! Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Love Life Coaching empowers you to Love yourself so you can love your life (And pour more love into your family, friends, beliefs and passions and still have time left over to binge watch your favorite show without revenge bedtime procrastination! 😜)

Living a full life, not feeling full of love

After 20 years of building my 6 figure jewelry business, a family of 6, marrying my soul mate, completing my Master in Jewelry design and having a ring go viral on tiktok... I was completely burnt out!

Burn out to Bliss

Rekindling Passions

I'm putting my attention towards what I want to see grow: LOVE. Specifically self love and awareness so we can all tap into our true passions and gifts. I'm rekindling a love for art interpretation by designing a tarot deck!

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Redefining Self Love and Mothering

After 2 years of intense study, therapy, coaching, rest, and nourishing my soul (while continuing to run my 6 figure business and nurture my 4 kids and marriage), I have amalgamated a wealth of wisdom and tangible knowledge and techniques that are ready to be shared with the world!

The core of my teachings is practicing self love to inspire our kids to love themselves, so they can find their true gifts and love their lives too! (And we won't feel so drained! 😜)

Self Love Course

Community is the Catalyst

Every healing journey involves a hermit stage. When the magic REALLY starts to happen is when we join a community!

This is your personal invite to join our community of beautiful souls on a journey to discover themselves through a holistic (whole self) approach.

Working with an array of specialists worked for me, so I want to offer the gems of this world to you! They are ready to share their special gifts to help you get to your soul and let it shine bright!

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Seeds of Love

A beautiful garden is an eco system of plants thriving from multiple creatures, nurtured by seasons and cared for by multiple people. Let's treat your wellness as we would a cherished garden. With multiple sources of nurturing!

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    Meet the Coaching Team

    • Rickson  


      Hi! I'm Rickson Sharkey. I am SO excited to step into my role as a healer and leader! In essence I've been doing it my whole life, only now I can do it with confidence, experience and a new found knowledge of what unsolicited advice is, and that I've been giving it to my friends for years! lol

      Now you can book 1:1 meetings with me and I will only give advice if you ask for it! 😜

      As a Mother of 4, owner of a 6 figure jewelry business, MA in Jewelry design and I'm seeking diagnosis for Autism for myself, I have a WEALTH of info for parenting kids of multiple ages, accommodating a range of needs, assertive communication, conscious parenting, and creating a work/life harmony in your home!

      Specialties include:

      - Healing through self love

      - Accommodating needs

      - Systems for neurodivergence

      - Shadow Work

      - Conscious Parenting

      - Long Term Relationships (I've been with my husband 20 years!)

      - Entrepreneurial consulting

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    • Jackie Kavanaugh  

      Jackie Kavanaugh

      I met Jackie at a Mystic Bazaar hosted by Alyssa Bartha and She wrote me the most beautiful angel message that I cherish to this day! She also connected me with my childhood Cat whom I honestly hadn't thought of in years and I instantly broke down in tears (happy ones).

      Jackie has a beautiful way connecting straight to the source of love, the love of all things. She understands on a deeper level of unconditional love that helps guide others along their path for her heart is open at all times. She breathes in life to the fullest capacity of all that is and all that is yet to be.

      She assists in the healing process connecting with your loved ones here in the Heavens for the two worlds are as one as humanity is one.

      The Masters and teachers speak openly with Jackie, for she is able to translate our words through her as her soul is pure unconditional love.

      Offerings include:

      - Mediumship

      - Oracle Reading

      - Angel Guidance Through Channeling

      - Reiki

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    • Liz Appleby  

      Liz Appleby

      Liz is a long time friend I met before my first or second spiritual awakening! She's gently guided me for over 11 years as a true friend and play date partner to our kids who are the same age!

      Liz is a healer, on a journey of healing and she is called to help, to heal, to inspire and to assist people to find their guides. 

      To achieve this she uses a combination of pendulum, crystals, energy clearing, Reiki and sharing messages from the Akashic records. 

      She is honoured, grateful and thankful for this soul journey and looks forward to sharing her journey with you.

      Offerings include:

      - Meet Your Guide Pendulum Reading

      - In person Reiki

      - Distance Reiki

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