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Love Life Healing + Coaching Program

"Transform Your Life with Personalized Healing and Coaching Program"

Product Description:

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of modern life, battling inner doubts, or searching for a more fulfilling existence? Welcome to the transformative journey that will guide you towards a life filled with self-love, genuine care, and the realization of your dreams. I'm your guide, a mother of four and the proud owner of a six-figure jewelry company that has sold over $800,000 worth of jewelry and supported my family of 6 for 17 years! Even after all of my external success, I was a mess inside my body, and inside our home.

After 2 intense years of self care and self love practices, I can confidently say I LOVE MYSELF! I still have low days and struggles, yet they are turning into low moments and challenges!

I'm here to support you on a path to rediscovering your true self and creating a life you absolutely love.

Program Highlights:

🌟 Embrace Self-Love Ethos: Break free from the shackles of a consumerist, patriarchal society filled with traumas and unmet needs. Learn to love yourself unconditionally, because it's the foundation for loving your life.

🌟 Personalized 1:1 Text Support: You'll receive direct guidance and support from me, drawing from my experience as a successful business owner and healer, throughout your journey.

🌟 Access to a Diverse Range of Practitioners: Dive deep into holistic healing with specialists in Womb healing, Human Design, Astrology, Tarot, Mediumship, Connecting with Your Guides, Nutrition, and more. Explore various modalities to find what resonates with you. (1 hr service per month with the Elite program)

🌟 Nervous System Regulation: Gain the tools to calm your nervous system, manage stress, and cultivate emotional intelligence.

🌟 Inner Child Reparenting: Follow your triggers to heal your inner child, fostering deep self-compassion and personal growth.

🌟 Empowerment for Self-Care: Prioritize self-love and self-care so you can show up fully for your loved ones. Empower them to do the same.

🌟 Emotional Intelligence Program:

  • Discover the power of emotional awareness as you embark on a journey to understand and navigate your feelings.
  • Learn how to accurately label your emotions, so you can gain insight into your emotional state.
  • Identify your 'zone,' helping you recognize when you're in a state of balance or when you need to self-regulate.
  • Enhance your communication skills by effectively expressing your feelings, fostering healthier relationships.
  • Develop actionable strategies to respond to your emotions in a constructive way, promoting personal growth and well-being.
  • Special for mothers: Empower your children to learn emotional intelligence alongside you, fostering stronger family bonds and emotional resilience in your kids.

🌟 Access to a Supportive Healing Community:

  • Join our Facebook group right now, where you'll connect with a compassionate community of healing practitioners, fellow mothers, and women who are experiencing similar struggles.
  • Find solace and strength in the shared journey, knowing you're not alone when facing life's challenges.
  • Community support can be a beacon of light during the darkest moments, providing a space for healing, understanding, and growth.
  • I'm designing a tarot deck and writing a book which I will be sharing in the group! 

Exclusive Tip: I can personally vouch for online therapy from Wysa as I used it in my healing, and strongly encourage my clients to access licensed talk therapy as an important spoke in your healing wheel! I've personally worked with these therapists, and they'll be your trusted allies on your healing journey.

*When you subscribe to Wysa request to work with Roma (or choose your own therapist) send me a screen shot of your subscription so I know you are getting Wysa support. (In Wysa use code MCMM4 for 100 free tools for a week, this is not required, just a bonus). 

Why Choose Our Program:

Navigating the world of self-improvement can be overwhelming. I believe that any healing journey benefits from the guidance of licensed mental health professionals. With their support, you'll have a solid foundation and a safe space to explore and grow.

Imagine embarking on your journey with the best equipment—just like hiking with sturdy boots. Our program offers you that support and guidance.

I'm here to answer any questions you have. Together, we'll explore your dreams, dissolve the barriers holding you back, and make those dreams a reality.

Don't let society's conditioning and self-doubt hold you back any longer. It's time to embrace self-love, care, and the life you've always desired. Join me on this empowering journey to create a reality you truly love.

Take the first step towards transformation. Enroll now and embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and love.

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