How do I find my ring size?

Don't know your ring size? Visit your local jeweler to be sized, (Most offer this service for free).

I believe in size inclusivity being 6ft myself I know the pain of living outside the 'average' size range. You deserve to have the right fit!

I offer 1/4 and 1/2 sizes and can do ANY size from 3-16 or beyond! Even if we don't fit in. 😜

Or you can purchase my $15 ring sizer! This is reserved for existing clients, so add it to your cart during checkout, or if you're purchasing a custom design I can add it to your deposit. I'll send it to you for only $15 shipping included.

When do I size up for wide bands?

This is a question I get A LOT. The rule is if the band is wider than 8mm you should go up 1/4 of a ring size.

None of my rings are wider than 1/2" (8mm) (unless I designed some since writing this, in which case I will specify to go up a size in the listing), even though some like the Chunky Claddagh are 3/4 in (20mm) in size on the top, the band tapers down for comfort.

Therefore I suggest ordering your regular size in my shop.

What's a comfort fit?

A comfort fit is when the band is rounded on the inside. Technically it's a very substantial curve. All of my pieces are made for comfort, so often I've rounded the inside slightly by hand, or we round the edges during polishing on my 3D CAD designs.

Therefore I wouldn't call them a traditional 'comfort fit' which may require you to go down a 1/4 in your size.

They are simply made to be comfortable and you can order your usual size.

Custom Designs

Do you design custom and personalized jewelry?

I am a Master intuitive Jewelry Designer and I specialize in custom designs! I have a magical talent for listening and visualizing your design in silver, gold, platinum, diamonds and gemstones! I am also VERY happy to customize my existing designs. If you see something in my shop that's inspiring you to build on the existing design lets help it evolve! Message me and we'll get to know each other and how we can make your dream piece a reality.

Can you make a design I saw somewhere else?

I will not copy an existing design that is readily available for purchase and sold by another designer. If you found something you love, purchase it directly from the seller.

If it's out of your budget reach out to the designer as they may have sample sales or discounts they can offer you.

I will design pieces inspired by existing designs. Often when designing clients send multiple images and we pick and choose our favorite elements combined with their symbols to create a one of a kind piece.

I will create exact replicas of family heirlooms or other pieces where the original designer is no longer available. I am also available for historical replicas like the Joan of Arc ring.

I am very talented at research and creating exact replicas.

How do I start a custom design?

Custom designs are SO fun and easy! Simply message me your idea, we discuss price and once we settle on your price range, you make a %60 deposit.

Then I send you drawings and 3D CAD designs for your approval and once we've made your piece you get images and videos of your final piece.

After you've made the final payment we ship your piece to you with next day shipping! Then you get to marvel at the beauty piece we made together. It's truly magical.

Shipping & Returns

Where do you ship and what's the cost?

I offer worldwide shipping.

USA packages are sent with tracking for free and international packages are also shipped with tracking for $25.

Custom items are shipped with Next Day delivery and the price is included in your final quote.

When will I receive my order?

Most items are made to order and take 4-6 weeks to create.

Shipping takes 2-4 business days. Custom pieces ship with next day delivery.

Many items are in stock ready to ship.

We're working to improve our production time so your piece may arrive earlier.

Let us know your special date and we can rush your order for free.

Do you do rush orders?

I'm happy to rush ANY order for free and you will have it in 2-4 weeks depending on your date.

Simply upgrade to Priority or express shipping and write your special date during checkout.

If you need it in 2 weeks or less we may charge a rush fee. Message for details.

High Quality Materials

Are your rings real?

YES! All of my rings are made of real sterling silver, gold, platinum and a few are titanium.

What kind of gemstones do you use?

My shop offers 5 types of gemstones:

-CZ: High quality CZ stones which are cubic zirconium (synthetic). Available in all colors like aquamarine and amethyst. Most pieces include these for no fee, simply add to cart and order!

-Moissanites: Higher quality synthetic with an awesome sparkle and stronger than CZ's.

-Lab Grown Diamonds: These are new and very sci-fi. They cost %30 less than earth diamonds, and are the same material. The only difference is they were grown in a lab, not the ground.

-Genuine colored gemstones which are from the earth like sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

-Earth diamonds which are traditional real diamonds from the earth

*If a piece doesn't offer the option you want, message for a quote. I LOVE hunting for special gems, so let me know what you're after and I will find it for your piece!

Do you pieces require special care?

I create high quality fantasy jewelry so you can enjoy and wear your piece daily without a lot of special care required.

Having said that, traditional fine jewelry care advice is useful to follow:

-Take your rings off to do any labor with tools

-Take your rings off for hot tubs (if you forget it's ok, but the antique patina on some of my silver pieces will come off because the chlorine will clean it so well. Simply send it to use to have it re-done or take it to your local jeweler)

-Perfume, hand lotion and oils won't harm silver or gold, however it can get stuck in some crevices and mean you need a cleaning earlier

-If your ring has gold plated elements the gold will rub off over time and perfume and oils can speed up the process. If you want your piece to stay yellow or rose gold I suggest getting my solid gold options. Or vermielle may be available for your piece. (a thicker layer of gold over silver).

-If your ring is snagging on clothing let us know as we try to design pieces so they won't, and one of your prongs may need adjusting

-Take your gold ring to have your prongs checked every 5-10 years. You'd be surprised how many clients come to me cause they're diamond fell out and their jeweler didn't tell them this important piece of info!

Music Jewelry

Will my piece have the real notes to my song?

YES! I carve the real notes to your choice of song on your ring or necklace!

How many notes can fit on a ring?

Around 15-20 notes or 2-4 bars of music usually fit well.

Can I get a special font and how many words can I get?

You can get a hand made version of any font, and I suggest 20 - 30 characters.

What if I wrote my own song?

Wonderful! I need a section of music with all the notes within the 5 staff lines. Notes higher or lower won't be seen since the ring only has 5 lines.

If you NEED higher or lower I have a few ring designs where we can do one note above or below the top or bottom line. Also guitar picks we can do higher and lower notes. Look for any ring with space above and below the 5 lines here.

Another option is to change the key of the music to get a section with all the notes within the 5 lines.

I have the audio to the song but don't think the sheet music is available

No problem I can transcribe music! It will be a simple version which is ideal for these rings and necklaces.


What is your refund and repair policy

You can view my full refund and repair policy here.

What is your shipping Policy?

You can view my full Shipping policy here.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Send us an email to tell us what's up and someone from our Customer Service team will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to include your order number (if you have one).

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