Welcome to the Joan of Arc ring! Created in memory of just how her ring would have looked on the day of her communion. ❤️

Maybe it's your communion and Joan is your patron saint. Or you're a lover of history and all that Joan embodies.

Whatever the reason, Joan's ring has brought us together and I'm so honored to connect you with her spirit through her beloved ring.

To enhance Joan's spirit in your home I created this 7 min. meditation and affirmations to help you connect with her spirit and remember yours.

You are brave, strong and wiser than you think.


  • Affirmations


    Journal Prompt:

    How can I be brave today?

    Here are affirmations inspired by the spirit of Saint Joan of Arc to help you foster self-love, worthiness, and empowerment:

    I am enough just as I am, and I embrace my worthiness.

    I show myself love and self-care, giving me the strength to stand up for my needs.

    I am a fearless advocate for myself, just as Joan of Arc was for her beliefs.

    I recognize and celebrate my uniqueness in every aspect of my life.

    I am a beacon of self-empowerment and support female and gender identity empowerment.

    I practice self-love and self-acceptance, inspiring others to do the same.

    Together, we can create a world of mutual support, peace, and harmony.

    I validate people's pain and help them navigate their overwhelming emotions.

    I reclaim my power and invest it in things that ignite my passion and purpose.

    May these affirmations guide you on your journey to self-love, empowerment, and making a positive impact in the world.

  • A little History and High Praise from Natasha St. Pierre a Famous Singer  

    A little History and High Praise from Natasha St. Pierre a Famous Singer

    This recreation of Joan's ring was intentionally hand carved to look like it's original form when it was first given to Joan by her parents at her first communion.

    My intention is for your ring to age over time, and eventually look like the original St. Joan of Arc ring on display in France today.

    It will be older and wiser and have all the beauty marks of aging just like you. It can then be passed down in your lineage to become part of your unique heritage and life story.

    The original ring holds an interesting history of it's own. It has been in England since Joan's trial and burning at the stake but was recently auctioned off for $425 000 and is now back in it's homeland of France.

    I'm incredibly blessed to receive high praise from the famous singer Natasha St-Pierre who was gifted a private viewing of the real Joan of Arc Ring at the Puy du Fou!

    She graciously sent me these photos and said 'So perfect!!!! A very happy singer, thank you!' 🙏❤️

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures and words Natasha. 

    Joan of Arc Ring

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