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If you ever doubt you're special and need Gold Stars from others to remember, you need this meditation! I know I do!

Find your North Star with my guided 8 min Meditation video inspired by the wisdom of the Star Card Beauty.

Pour out your conscious and subconscious worries with her, to uncover your inner north star.


  • Affirmation


    I am the star

    I take time to regulate my storms

    with my feelings as my compass

    my Star as my guide

    I pour out my ocean of worries

    I see my north star more clearly

    I pour out my concerns for others

    They have their own water

    They're own star

    I cannot be their Star

    I can only guide

    I tend to my Star

    It becomes clear and bright

    My guiding light is always there

    I see the Star that

    connects us all

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