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STAR Card Small Tarot Pendant + Meditation to Find your True North Star

The brightest STAR is the one reading this. 🤩 When you want to rock your best tarot aesthetic, this tarot collection will remind you of your brightness and that it's ok to sit in the shadows sometimes. When the Star card shows up for you in a reading, the Star Card meaning can depend on the tarot spread and many other factors. Here I dive deep into my own interpretation of the Star Card. 

You aren't always going to shine bright. Which is why this epic Star Tarot Card necklace features both the 'medicine' side of the card, AND the shadow side.

On the one side, she's standing in her power, modeling for her daughter, responsibly pouring out her worries and concerns into her pond and onto the earth to transmute it to nurture life. Her child mirrors her and stands in her own power.

On the reverse side she is kneeling, succumbing to her burdens, weighed down by them, accidently passing her trauma down to the next generation, who eagerly takes from her cup. We will all be this way sometimes. Hopefully we can become the students and learn from our children who will give us love and compassion because we showed that to them when we were feeling brighter. 💖

Find your true north star with the Star Light necklace. Share your light with the world! A portion of sales goes to the North Wellington Women's Center.

Crafted in sterling silver, our Star Necklace is more than jewelry—it's a daily reminder of your unique path. With a hypoallergenic, sweat-proof, water-proof design and an 18" chain for everyday adventures, it's both stylish and resilient (like you!).

🌟 Features:

-Solid Sterling Silver (choose no diamond, CZ or diamond)

-Dimensions: 25mm x 17mm x 2mm
- Choose from no chain and add your own or choose the chain and receive an 18" standard length wheat Chain (shorter than photo, if you'd like longer write 20" or 22" during checkout).
- Hypoallergenic, Sweat-Proof, Water-Proof solid sterling silver
- Starlight Meditation INCLUDED as well as Affirmations to help guide you to your star.

📜 Bonus Wisdom:
Comes with an affirmation bookmark and QR code for a STAR card meditation

💫 Symbolism:
Beyond style, the Star Necklace embodies guidance, dreams, and hopes—a wearable beacon for your journey. The price 1777 angel number centers around self care and healing. I knew I had the right price when I saw this! 🤩

🌟 Tarot Reading! Enjoy %20 off a Natal Chart Consult with the North Star Mystic! Use Code THESTAR2024 Known for her ability to blend fun with professionalism, Alysa offers a wealth of metaphysical knowledge and depth of experience! She introduced me to Tarot and after I designed this piece I realized her business is named North Star Mystic! How beautiful is that!? Visit her Website:

✨ Embrace Your Light:
In our Star Card Collection, find more than jewelry—discover a daily source of inspiration, cleansing your psyche and shining from within.

On my healing journey I discovered Tarot cards to be fun and a natural interest for my art background and obsession with symbolism! 

Now as I'm healing I'm learning the wisdom of the Star Card, to pour out my concerns for others, pour out my worries and fears, so I can see my inner Star, and be guided by it more clearly.

I'm overjoyed to share the craftsmanship and deep meaning of the Star Card Collection with you! I even wrote affirmations and a meditation to go with it, so you can take your healing to the next level. 💖🤩


Sterling silver

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STAR Card Tarot Necklace + Meditation to Find your True North Star STAR Card Tarot Necklace + Meditation to Find your True North Star STAR Card Tarot Necklace + Meditation to Find your True North Star

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