PRIDE Month Star Card Tarot Giveaway

PRIDE Month Star Card Tarot Giveaway

To celebrate PRIDE 🌈 month I’m giving away a real STAR Card tarot pendant. read to the end to enter!  
I know what it feels like to lose your way. To know deep down you’re not meant for the straight and narrow path. But seeing so many friends and family looking ‘normal’ and accepted, it’s hard not to want to fit in. 
Heck it’s impossible! It’s a human need to belong! 
Which is why I’m celebrating PRIDE with a giveaway that’s all about finding your true self. 
Because PRIDE isn’t just about knowing your identity, and being proud about it. (Though that is an awesome element). It’s about having the freedom to FIND yourself. Change your mind. And see yourself in the media and other people so you can discover your true self and find groups where you belong.
Rather than bending and changing yourself to fit into groups that really don’t suit you. 
My jewelry is all about finding your niche groups where you belong and then taking a piece from those fantasy realms with you. A ring, a necklace, a token that contains the magic that charmed you in the first place. 
I know you want to wear your treasures everyday so I make them strong, just like you. 

The STAR Card meaning is about finding yourself by releasing limiting beliefs.

Enter to win a Sterling silver, STAR card pendant in my new lighter version 22mm high. 😍

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Save the date and link in your calendar and Come to the LIVE DRAW to see if you won! June. 11 at 11am EST tiktok @ricksonjewelry 

Good luck and don't forget to check out the pre-sale for this piece. You can order now and we'll make yours first and you'll get it in 4-6 weeks! 😍

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