Joan of Arc Ring Saves Her finger from being crushed!

Joan of Arc Ring Saves Her finger from being crushed!

When Sussanah came to me she was feeling lost in a sea of Joan or arc aesthetic rings. She felt doubtful she would find a meaningful Joan of Arc Ring that was like a piece of historical art. She found that the other Joan of Arc confirmation rings on the market weren't as accurate as my piece of Joan of Arc art. 

So, when she saw my Joan of arc replica ring she had feelings of renewed faith not just in Joan of arc, but in herself. It gave her courage. 

Then months later she sent me this inspiring story of how her ring actually saved her finger from being crushed! 

Before I share the whole story I'd like to share a little more about how special my Joan of Arc replica rings truly are. 

Joan of arc is the patron saint of youth and those in need of courage. Jeanne D'Arc became a savior of France. She gained recognition for her role in the siege of Orleans and her support for Charles VII of France during the Hundred Years’ War.

Acting under divine guidance she became a military leader who transcended gender roles to become a savior of France

This makes her replica ring an ideal confirmation gift as seen here a client took this lovely photo! 


When I set out to create a Joan of art replica ring, I wanted to honor her spirit, her rich history encapsulated in the stoic beauty of her ring. So I entered into a labor of love with Joan. I studied the pictures available online. I read the history and beautifuly painful stories around her. 

When faced with the difficult decision of how exactly to represent her cherished ring, I took a leap of faith and carved it as if it were new, on the day it was gifted to her at communion.
I chose to do this because her real ring used as reference has already been worn from centuries of existence and if I were to recreate it in it's current form, it would only get more and more worn and the engravings would become less and less visible. And that's not what I want for your experience with this ring. 
Seen below, Natasha St. Pierre purchased my ring and she got a private viewing of the REAL Joan of Arc ring pictured first, and said hers is perfect! The second photo is her with the real ring! 
What I want is for you to give or wear this ring and be in relation with it. Watch it travel through your life experiences with you and become dented and worn from the beautifully painful and exciting experiences in your life. With Joan by your side the entire time to protect you, cheer you on and give you courage.
And then when your time with this ring has expired, because it is real silver, gold or platinum it will be passed down in your lineage and perhaps someday far in the future, It will look like the real Joan of Arc ring that we can see on display today in France. 
Now I'd like to share Sussanah's amazing story with you of how her Joan of Arc ring saved her finger! She wrote me, let me know if you're as shocked as I was to read it! 
'Hi, I wanted to let you know that you that your craftsmanship of this ring is so amazing. I wanted to tell you a story of how this amazing ring save me from getting my finger crushed while taking out the trash at my work.
So I was taking out the cardboard at my work and I needed to open the top doors. Well the bar that holds the door on the dumpster is bent so when you move the doors the bar will either move close to the dumpster of move away.
So I open the fist door ( I'm standing to the side to reach them) and place my left hand under that bar to get a hold of the dumpster to open the second door with my right. As I move that door the bar moves. I didn't notice that my left hand was going to be crushed until I swung the second door all the way open.
My finger would have more then likely been broken if I hadn't been wearing the Joan ring that you made me. As the bar was pressing on the ring on one side and the dumpster the other. So I wanted to to know that your craftsmanship is AMAZING!! Thank you so much!!!'
Wow! Thank you Susanah!
If you're as big a Joan of Arc fan as I am you'll love this Joan of Arc meditation to give you courage. 
Share this with someone who's patron saint is Joan of Arc. 
To learn more about the history of Joan and her famous ring, Joan of Arc replica ring can be see here.
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